Heat&Mixing Tank

Heat&Mixing Machine APPLICATIONS : 1.、 Electric heating mixing drum has the advantages of energy saving, noise elimination, corrosion resistance, strong production capacity, convenient cleaning and so on. Widely used in dairy products, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, beverage and other...

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Heat&Mixing Machine


1 liner: made of 1CR18NI9TI stainless steel  plate material, surface polishing treatment.
 2 jacket: made of stainless steel plate  1CR18NI9TI, surface polishing treatment, according to the need can also  configure the liquid level display
 3 reducer: the reducer of planetary  reducer, fixed in the beam of the bracket, the reducer output shaft and the  mixing pulp, the use of live sets of connection, easy to disassemble and clean.
 4 thermometer: installed on the beam, the  lowest medium position, so that the liquid material can be used to indicate the  lowest location temperature, to achieve the purpose of heating sterilization.


Heat&Mixing tank
Model TypeCapacity〔L〕Powder〔KW〕speed〔r/min〕
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