Reverse Osmosis Water System

I. Water production process 1.1 Water feeding pump Requested access to the system's raw water has a stable flow and pressure, its purpose is to prevent water fluctuations have an impact on the system operation to ensure the stability of the system into the water. After the original pumps...

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I. Water production process

1.1 Water feeding pump

Requested access to the system's raw water has a stable flow and pressure, its purpose is to prevent water fluctuations have an impact on the system operation to ensure the stability of the system into the water. After the original pumps pressurized raw water sent to the system. the system needs a normal water consumption 8m ³ / h, pressure ≥ 0.3MPa.


1.2 Multi-media sand filter

Multi-media filter is a reverse osmosis system, an important pre-processing device, the system for the raw water quality characteristics of specially designed multi-media filter, and its role is to filter the raw water caused by small particles, suspended solids, colloids and other impurities, ensure that its effluent SDI (API) ≤ 4.


1.3 Activated carbon filters

For the effective removal of low molecular weight organic matter in water, free chlorine and some dissolved carbonic acid gas, the water can also reduce the odor, color and smell, when it is a reverse osmosis system, pre-treatment device, activated carbon, reverse osmosis membrane device can effectively prevent the surface of organic pollution and free chlorine on the reverse osmosis membrane damage.


1.4 Scale Inhibitor Dosing Device

Inhibitor dosing device is the role of the pretreatment of raw water into the reverse osmosis prior to adding a special high-efficiency scale inhibitor to prevent the reverse osmosis concentration produced water side fouling.


1.5  5μMicron filter

The function of Micron filter is to be retention of the particles larger than 5μ in order to prevent it from entering the reverse osmosis system. Such particles may be accelerated by the high-pressure pump to breakdown reverse osmosis membrane modules, resulting in a large number of leakage of salt, bearing in scratch high-pressure pump impeller, resulting in high-pressure pump damaged. Filter element in the filter is replaceable, when the element of export value is beyond (usually 0.07 ~ 0.1MPa), it should be replaced and changed new filter element.

Micron filters adopted corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel filter housing.Filter element is made of polypropylene spraying, characterized by:

1) Hole-shaped and cone-shaped structure;

2) filter to enter the depths, forming deep filtration;

3) The quantity of pollutants, long life;

4) easy to replace.


1.6 RO system

This process is to remove salt from water by membrane separation technique.

Which include: high pressure pump, RO system and RO washing system.


1.6.1 High pressure pump

The role of high-pressure pump for reverse osmosis plant is to provide sufficient bulk water pressure to ensure the normal operation of reverse osmosis membrane.

According to the characteristics of reverse osmosis itself takes a certain impetus to overcome the osmotic pressure and other obstacles, in order to ensure that water reaches its design capacity. According to the configuration of reverse osmosis, calculated by special software, design temperature is 15 ℃, required by the inlet pressure of not less than 1.2MPa, taking into account the loss of the resistance of pipeline, designing high-pressure pump total pressure head of 1.3MPa.


1.6.2 RO System.

Using reverse osmosis technology for desalination, reverse osmosis membrane was only 0.0001 micron pore size, can be harmful to remove dissolved solids and bacteria, viruses, etc., desalination rate of more than 99.6 percent, in line with national standards to produce pure water, the host section contains the security filter, high-pressure pump and reverse osmosis membrane, security filters for the fourth grade and above pre-treatment systems, high-pressure pump is the host of one of the core equipment for the reverse osmosis membrane elements to provide sufficient pressure to overcome the penetration resistance to pressure and run to meet the needs of a device to achieve the rated water.



1.6.3 RO chemical washing system.

Based on the pollution of reverse osmosis membrane to prepare a certain concentration of a particular cleaning solution,removing contaminants in the reverse osmosis membrane in order to restore the original feature film.

No matter how thoroughly carried out pretreatment, reverse osmosis system is long-term operation; the membrane surface will still be subject to fouling of pollution. Therefore, this system one set of reverse osmosis cleaning system, when the membrane modules to be contaminated, may carry out chemical cleaning. It includes the security of a 5μ filter, a stainless steel wash pump, a cleaning tank and a number of supporting instrumentation, valves, piping and other accessories.


1.7 UV sterilizer

Which is mainly used to break up and damaged the bacteria and microorganism in the purified water come out of RO system, it is fixed on RO system and as a main component of RO system.






Name & Parameters

Machinery Description



Source Water Pump

Flow: 8t/hr

Model: CHL8-50

Power: 1.5kw

The function of Source Water Pump is to stabilize the flow and pressure of the processing line.



Quartz Sand Filter

Output: 8t/hr


Filter Media: Quartz sand

Quartz Sand Filter is mainly used to remove the suspend solids in the water, to assure the later equipments and the clearance of final water. The whole machine is made by SUS304 stainless steel.



Active Carbon Filter

Output: 8t/hr


Filter Media: Active Carbon

Active Carbon Filter can remove the impurities in the water, such as heterochromatic matters, peculiar smell matters, and some chemical matters, such as some metal substance, hydride, sulfide, residual chlorine, etc. Such process can make sure that the final water is qualified drinking water, asepsis and clear.


Dosing pump system

Add scale inhibitor and PH

 One is for flocculants, one is for PH

                    2 unit


Precision filter


5μ pp filtrating core


Precision filter uses 5μ  PP polypropylene filtering film to filter the impurities





FST series RO System Output: 6t/hr

High pressure pump: 7.5kw

1.Membrane-component ESPA2-8040 :6 pcs

Hydranautics, America

2.Pressure container 8080 :3pcs

Material: Stainless steel

3.Conducting apparatus CM-230 :2pcs

4.Flow-meter LZB-25M :2pcs

5.Pressure apparatus Y-80 :4pcs

6.High pressure pump:8-180

7. Electrical controlled device Low pressure electrical cabinet: 1set


FST series RO System is an equipment to purify the source water with the action of pressure difference of semi permeable membrane. It is called reverse osmosis, as it is counter to natural penetration direction. Different materials have different osmotic pressures. The reverse osmosis method to adopt larger osmotic pressures is used to obtain the purpose to separate, extract, purify and condense. More than 97% soluble salts and 99%glues, microbe, particulate and organic substances and etc can be removed with the reverse osmosis. It becomes the most idea equipment for the modem program of pure water, hyper pure water, and airspace water. The remarkable characteristics of the equipment are shown as lower energy consumption, no pollution, simple techniques, high water quality, easy operation and maintenance.


RO cleaning system

  RO cleaning system is mainly used to wash and clean the impurity on surface of RO membrane, to protect the RO membrane and prelong its lifetime.


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