280 Ink Jet Print Date for 5line Bottle|box|paper|plastic Bag

280 Ink Jet Print Date for 5line Bottle|box|paper|plastic Bag
Product Details

280 Inkjet print


Technical Specifications:
Ink jet printing : the choice of black, blue , red, yellow and other colors
Ink consumption: can print 70 million characters / liter (5 ×7)
Temperature range : 5-45 ℃
Humidity : 90 % or less
Machine GW : 30KG
Dimensions : 246 ×338 ×550mm
Power requirements : AC220V 50HZ 100VA
Printing lines: 1 to 4 lines
Dot matrix printing : 6,8.10,12,16,24,32 bitmap fonts , within any 32 ×32 dot matrix
Chinese fonts : 16 ×16 Jane Song , Traditional Song , Jane Black , Jane Kai, within 24 ×24 and 32 dot matrix Jane Song Custom
Storage Information : 1000 printing of information can be stored
Printing speed : 800 characters / second (5 ×7)
Printing character height : 1.5mm ~ 20mm adjustable, can be widened to 9 times the maximum
Interface: Chinese menu display , comes with graphic editing capabilities
Chinese Support: Built-in international one , two Store
Chinese Input: Pinyin input method , location input method, code input method
Printing Content: automatic printing date, time , batch number, serial number , etc.
Printing Materials: can print metal, plastic , glass, wood, pipes and building materials surface
Printing distance: 20mm maximum nozzle to the surface

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