Auger Screw Filling Heads

Auger Screw Filling Heads
Product Details

Auger screw filling heads

I. The main performance and features
The feature of the spiral dosing equipment:

1.simple construct, reliable calculate, easy maintenance

2.The machine adopts the screw pole putting material, adopting servo code and the microcomputer technology control is the main. Technology feature. Code. Simultaneous control, sensitive action. Low noise, outstanding, reliable measure, speed quickly. High precision. Another it can display the measure counter.

II. Application: 

Suitable for measuring the powder materials .such as milk powder and chemical powder

III. The major performance and structural feature 

*Simple structure, stable operation, simple and convenient maintenance; 

*The machine applies whirl threaded rod feeding, servo coding and micro-computer control technology, which is the most important technical feature for the machine. Integrated coding and controlling into one, it has features such as flexible action, low noise; stable, reliable and rapid dos


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