MB-240C Measure Cup Filling Packing Machine(center Side|three Side|four Side Sealed) for Sugar|seeds|granule|coffee Powder|spices|detergent Powder| Coffee|condiments |cereal|Oatmeal| Peanuts|candies|desiccant

Product Details

MB-240C  Measure cup filling  packing machine(center side|three side|four side sealed)

The machine is widely used in the fields of food, daily chemical, medicine, etc. to package granules.Granule, Sugar, Tea, Salt, Sun-Flower Seed, Detergent Powder, Spices, Rice, Instant Drink Powder, Free flowing Powder, Glucose powder, Dextrose Powder, Tobacco, Grains, Starch Powder etc.

All the works of bag-making,measuring,filling,sealing,cutting and heat printing codes can be done automatically.
computer control and drive engine are adopted to control the length of bag and the position of trade mark
Intelligent degree control and PID adjuster promise when maximum

Packing Materials:It’s suitable for any heat sealable compound material such as single Paper/PE, Cellophane/PE, Aluminum foil /PE, BOPP/PE and Nylon/PE. Custom specifications are available to meet specific requirements.

Features:Powder & Granule Packing/ Automatic/ High quality/ Simple Operation/ Low Maintenance




Packing speed

20-60 bag/min

bag size

L 50-150mm * W30-120mm (Other specification available upon request)

Bag making mode

center side|three side|four side sealed|Round corner

Range of measuring

10-200g/bag (Other specification available upon request)

The maximum width of inner bag packing film


Thickness of film


Main power/voltage

1.7KW/220V 50-60Hz



The weight of switchboard




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